Today is the Day

Today is the Day

Today is the Day, the start of my new journey with Simple Spoons Nutrition Studio. Two of my biggest inspirations, my mom and my grandma, are not here to celebrate with me but I know they join me in the kitchen daily. I imagine if they had one piece of advice for me it would be “Just don’t burn the kitchen down!”  And I’m sure my husband would agree with that.

Let’s clear things up, I have never burnt a kitchen down, but maybe a few other little mishaps of happened along the way. To me, my kitchen is a giant playground for experimenting and discovering, and if you’re not making mistakes then you are not trying hard enough, right?

Simples Spoons Nutrition, like most things in life, did not happen overnight. Over the past 8 years I have grown my culinary skills and nutrition knowledge immensely, but this building a business thing, not a clue. I have been finding it’s kind of like becoming a first time parent again with a steep learning curve. I am very poor at making decisions on a timely matter and with developing a business there has been A LOT of decisions to make. I’m pretty sure it took me at least 6 months just to decide on the name. Since I put so much thought into it, I am going to share with you what it means to me.

Spoons FlowersLet’s start with the “Spoons”. I just love spoons. Wood ones, silver ones, old ones…all of them.  Spoons have managed to prove themselves as the most perfect tool in all areas of food preparation and serving.  They are simple and classic and spoons are the one universal utensil that is used everywhere throughout the world in all cultures. I love that.  One day I was out shopping for some old spoons and came across a larger silver spoon at an antique store.  It had a perfect slant on one side of it.  I asked the owner of the store if she knows what this “type” of spoon would have been used for.  Her response was that it is just worn out on the one side from stirring a pot. I find that fascinating and I sure hope I get a chance to wear out my spoon.

The word “Simple” has a lot of meanings to me, and I wanted to incorporate that into my business.  I like things simple.  I like making things simple for me and I like making things simple for others.  I want to educate my followers so it is simpler for them to make healthier lifestyle changes.  I also want to offer a variety of services to make healthy eating simple and convenient for everyone. Plus the ingredients in my cooking are very simple, I only use two; real food and love. Today is the day…those words never expire. I welcome you to join me on this journey to a healthier you.

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