Frozen Meal Service

Simple Spoons Nutrition Studio is now offering the convenience of healthy frozen meals.  These meals are created with the same high quality ingredients, details and love that goes into all of our items.  Fill your freezer with these delicious, nutritious meals to help you make good choices on those busy days.

**Pick-up and Delivery options available (Regina-Lumsden-Regina Beach and surrounding areas)** – please contact for more information.


V= Vegan    DF=Dairy Free    GF=Gluten Free

Soup & Chili

Soup (V, DF, GF)

32 oz – $12

16 oz – $6

All soups are jam packed with organic goodies and flavor.  They are gluten free and dairy free with the “cream” based soups being comprised of a coconut cream and/or cashew nut cream.  Selections may vary from week to week.

  • 10 Spice Creamy Vegetable 
  • African Peanut
  • Roasted Butternut Squash and Apple
  • Country Style Borscht
  • Lemon Lentil

Turkey Chili 32 oz – $13, 16 oz – $6.50 (GF)

A delicious, healthy spin on a traditional beef chili, slow cooked to perfection.  Just heat up and garnish with your favorite toppings.


Entrees are packaged in single serving portions that are ready to reheat in the oven.

Shepherds Pie with Sweet Potato & Nutty Crumb Topping – $10 (DF, GF)

Truly a comfort food, made a little healthier. This family friendly, incredibly tasting dish is loaded with organic ingredients and topped with nutrient dense sweet potato and nutty crumb topping.  A plant based version will soon be available.

Honey Garlic Ramen Noodle Stir Fry with Asian Beef Strips – $10 (DF, GF)

Healthy, delicious and and warms your belly!  Brown rice and millet ramen noodles, topped with marinated beef strips, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, cremini mushrooms, sweet peppers, zucchini and the most delicious honey garlic sauce.

Thai Red Curry with Mango and Brown Basmati – $10 (V, DF, GF)

This hearty meal will not only satisfy and nourish, it will make your taste buds dance.

Mediterranean Stuffed Chicken Breast with Whipped Sweet Potato – $10 (GF)

Slow roasted chicken breast stuffed with all of the flavours of the Mediterranean.

Glazed Turkey Meatballs with Wild Rice Medley and Roasted Balsamic Veggies – $10 (DF, GF)

Tender turkey meatballs smothered in a sweet glaze served with a mixture of caramelized,  balsamic brussel spouts, beets and cabbage.

Baked Sweet Potato & Black Bean Enchilada with Avocado Cream Sauce -$10 (V, DF)

Sweet potato and black beans are a match made in heaven.  This enchilada is so delicious with all the flavor combinations of garlic, cumin, cilantro, lime and topped with a from scratch sauce. Take it to another level with the Cilantro -Avocado Cream Sauce

Sweet & Sour Beef Meatballs with Quinoa Fried Rice – $10 (DF,GF)

Mmm, healthy Chinese take-out!  The organic ingredients and locally sourced beef take this dish over the top.

Citrus Chicken w/ Gravy, Garlic Cauli-Potato Mash & Lemon Cumin Carrots – $10 (DF, GF)

A family favorite!! Enjoy this modern spin on true comfort food.

Sweet Potato & Carrot Hash with Baked Turkey & Veggie Meatballs – $10 (DF, GF)

This nutrient dense meal is full of flavour and veggies. Free of gluten, dairy, sugar and grains, but delicious and satisfying on its own or heat up and enjoy with a salad or wrap.

Fully Cooked Turkey Burgers (4) – $11 (DF, GF)

Heat up in the oven, stove top or grill for a quick and easy meal solution.

Dessert & Snacks

GST/PST included in price

Raw Key-lime Cashew Cheesecake – 4 pieces $8 (V, DF, GF)

A creamy blend of raw cashews and lime create the perfect combination of sweet and tart.

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies – 4 cookies $7.25 (Df, GF)

Best. Cookies. Ever!!

Maple Pumpkin Cashew Cheesecake- 4 pieces $8 (V, DF, GF)

A delicious, creamy pumpkin filling over a baked oat crust.

Raw Cacao Peppermint Energy Balls – 4 pieces $7.25 (V, DF, GF)

Tasty, energizing and full of superfoods such as raw cacao and maca!

Nutrition Facts:

** all nutrition facts are based on 400g serving (1 package)

Sweet & Sour Beef Meatballs with Quinoa Fried Rice

Glazed Turkey Meatballs with Wild Rice Medley and Balsamic Veggies

Thai Red Curry with Mango and Brown Basmati

Citrus Chicken with Gravy, Garlic Cauliflower-Potato Mash & Lemon Cumin Carrots

Mediterranean Stuffed Chicken Breast with Whipped Sweet Potato

Baked Sweet Potato & Black Bean Enchilada with Avocado Cream Sauce

Key Lime Cashew Cheesecake (4 pieces)

Maple Pumpkin Cashew Cheesecake (4 pieces)

Shepherds Pie With Sweet Potato & Nutty Crumb Topping

3 thoughts on “Frozen Meal Service

  1. Miranda Spencer

    I have ordered some of your frozen meals through Body Fuel Organics they are delicious! I was wondering if you have the nutritional info available for them?

    • Brianne

      Hi Miranda
      I’m happy to hear you are enjoying the meals! I apologize, at this time I do not have the nutritional analysis of the meals. |It is something I plan on adding in the future. Thank you for asking.

  2. Megan S

    Absolutely loving the frozen meals! Life is busy and these are the perfect solution!! Everything is so delicious and filling! Such an affordable price point as well! This is truly going to be a game changer in life!!

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