Fresh Meal Service

Simple Spoons Nutrition Studio is all about making things simpler for you in the kitchen. Try the Fresh Meal Service and enjoy having your own personal chef prepare delicious meals using fresh, whole ingredients, ready for you to eat.  Local and organic ingredients will be used when available.  Not all menu items will be gluten/dairy free but that option is available for those who wish.

If you’re like most of us, finding the time to prepare a healthy, exciting meal for your family isn’t always easy. The average person spends $100 a month on fast food.  Not only does this food have no nutritional value but it is also depleting your body of nutrients. Fast food and prepackaged meals, which are full of preservatives, refined sugar, sodium and chemicals, have become the unhealthy solution but this is not the answer. When time and energy are in short supply, food quality doesn’t have to be.

Who can benefit from Fresh Meal Service?

Everyone!! Fresh Meal Service is great for: busy professionals, families on the go, seniors and those who just don’t enjoy cooking, have health goals or on a special diet.  This makes a great gift!  This service is provided for the Regina Beach/Buena Vista area.

How it works:

  1. Sign up for Fresh Meal Service:  we will discuss any allergies, sensitivities, or dietary restrictions.
  2. Mark on your calendar every Tuesday or Thursday (whichever works best for you schedule) your dinner will be delivered to you between 5-6 pm.
  3. Enjoy your fresh, healthy meal after your busy day or refrigerate for lunch the following day.

An updated menu calendar will be posted on website each month so you will know what to expect for your dinner that evening. Click here to see menu.

Food will be prepared every Tuesday & Thursday and delivery made between 5-6 pm. Special arrangements can be made if that time doesn’t work for your schedule.

Note: each meal will include a main dish, a side and a dessert (or another side)

The cost for each meal is 17.00/serving (PST/GST included)

single serving each week, monthly $68.00*

2 servings each week, monthly $136.00*

3 servings each week, monthly $204.00*

4 servings each week, monthly $272.00*

* This is based on 4 services per month

**  Small delivery fee may apply, although we do our best to arrange deliveries to try and avoid this fee

** Payment is due at the beginning of each month

Please contact me for more information or to sign up for your Fresh Meal Service

Simple Spoons Nutritional Studio also offers additional services to save you time in the kitchen:

  • Purchase fresh meals/salads/desserts for a dinner party/family gatherings
  • Holiday Baking
  • Frozen Meals